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Project Description

Fertility preservation

What is it?

It consists of the cryopreservation of eggs or sperm in a biobank specialised in gamete preservation. We thus avoid the gametes getting older, smaller, being lost or deteriorating due to the passage of time and therefore can provide own eggs or sperm when the ideal moment comes to use them and have a baby.

At Yes! Reproducción we collaborate with the #BeFerties platform, where you can find detailed information about fertility preservation treatments.

Treatment schedule

Treatment Schedule for preservation of fertility

Treatment Schedule for preservation of fertility


Patient satisfaction

Service quality 98%
Sympathy, Kindness, Empathy 100%
Communication and Information 95%
Would you recommend the clinic? 100%

According to results accumulated until the third quarter 2018. *The success percentage depends on the number of attempts and the age of the woman who is undergoing treatment.

What is included?


  • Clinical study.

  • Stimulation with medication included.

  • Extraction of oocytes.

  • Preservation of oocytes in bank for 24 months. After this time, maintenance will be €25/month (€300 per year).

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