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We want to help you fulfil your dream of becoming a mother.

Plan Yes! Reproducción: if you do not get pregnant your fertility treatment is free.


Plan Yes! is a comprehensive process aimed at increasing the chances of getting pregnant.

Each reproduction test and technique carried out, forms part of a well-organised, global plan, enabling us to reach a cumulative success rate that exceeds 90% in selected patients.

We believe so firmly in our professionalism, that, if patients do not get pregnant, they will not pay for the treatment and we will refund any amounts paid for the Plan Yes!

Plan Yes! We do not take no for an answer

Attending a clinic to begin an assisted reproductive treatment requires careful consideration. And once we have taken that step, we come face to face with the tough reality: assisted reproductive treatments are expensive and may not always be successful, which means we may end up back to square one but having spent a significant amount of money. Yes! Reproducción is aware of this reality regarding reproductive medicine and it wants to change it with the Plan Yes! which consists of a process in which the centre will implement a battery of therapeutic procedures, made up of treatments, trials and the most scientifically advanced techniques, until pregnancy is achieved. Obviously, the medical professionals will discuss and propose the best options for us, but this will not affect our purse. Everything will already be included.

One of the aspects that endorses this level of professionalism and confidence is that, if the Plan Yes! is not successful, the centre will refund 100% of the amount paid for the treatment, fair and square. If you do not get pregnant, you get your money back. As simple and as honest as that.

After years of experience, the Yes! Reproducción team knows that the average cumulative success rate of the Plan Yes! exceeds 90%, compared with the 40% success rate of normal and individualised IVF treatments.

This can be achieved if the treatment is seen as a continuous process, where decisions are made under a global and personalised perspective, not as isolated treatments.